About Us

1 Part of the solution ~

1POTS.com is a website that combines the top news stories from the alternative and mainstream media. We have created this site in hopes of raising awareness to what the alternative media has to offer while including mainstream news so that both perspectives can be compared as we attempt to find the truth in this world full of propaganda, fake news, false flags and disinfo.

As an example, it is no secret that 50% of the worlds money supply is owned by the elite 1% of humanity (link). The alternative media will tell you that this is a sad fact by design and part of a control system that the elite have created to manipulate humanity (link). The mainstream media, however, will tell you that this is just the way the consumer world works and we should pay more attention to fear and distractions (link).

We ask, where does the truth lie?

1POTS believes that the earth is, in fact, maliciously controlled by the elite for nefarious purposes. Because of this, we aim to be one part of the solution by offering a one stop shop for the most enlightening news articles from around the world. We hope that this will help bring more awareness to the alternative media and raise the collective desire for real change by getting each person to be their own part of the solution by getting informed and participating in the global awakening.

We will also be promoting weekly synchronized meditations at 11am EST (link). Studies have shown the power of collective mass meditations(link).